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We aim to build mission-critical systems according to a defined process that starts from system planning, moves to a design and development phase, and then shifts into maintenance once the system goes live. Plans for the next generation of the system take shape in the process of performing continual maintenance, completing the system lifecycle.
As part of this system lifecycle, we provide system solution services (in the planning phase and design and development phase) and maintenance services (in the maintenance phase). When the time comes, we develop plans for the next generation of the customer’s system through a consultative process that draws on our accumulated body of advanced expertise and technical knowhow.


System solution services

We provide integrated services that encompass everything from mainframes to Internet-based technologies, beginning with consulting for system planning and extending through to design, development, testing, and implementation.

System maintenance services

We perform highly reliable maintenance on systems once they have gone live.
Maintenance services provide us with a steady flow of orders over the long term and enable us to accumulate industry knowhow. Also in the process of providing maintenance services, we actively consult with customers about the next generation of their system, enabling us to seed a continuous flow of orders from the upstream planning process.