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Message from the President

Contributing to the Information Society Through the Provision of High Value-Added Solutions

Since its inception in 1976, Himacs has conducted its management and business operations based on a spirit of fairness and independent initiative. In addition, we recognize that our raison d'etre is to raise our customers' competitiveness and contribute to the development of the information society through the provision of high value-added solutions designed to realize their management strategies.

Currently, the information services industry provides infrastructure essential to supporting society and the economy. Furthermore, we are required to respond appropriately and promptly to the rapid pace of globalization and the advancement of information technology as well as the emergence of new business models.

What sets our company apart is our ability to provide advanced operational know-how that we have amassed in key industries (banking, securities, insurance, credit, public service and distribution) and high value-added solutions for all phases in the system construction process from planning, design and development to maintenance after the system goes live. Moreover, we recognize that our strength is the provision of high-quality services across an ever-broader business domain ranging from application development to system infrastructure development.

Not only that, we will win our customers' trust by addressing their increasingly sophisticated needs through the continued development of our human resources and investment in the research and development of new technologies on a priority basis.

Through ceaseless self-innovation, we are deeply committed to remaining the best possible partner for our customers and contributing to their success.