Our Mission

Management philosophy

Management philosophy

Corporate purpose

  1. HIMACS shall enhance the competitive strength of its clients as their "best partner" through provision of high-VA solutions in information services, and thereby contribute to the advancement of the information society.

Management stance

  1. HIMACS shall manage its business with a commitment to fairness and independent initiative, and fulfill its responsibilities and obligations to its shareholders, customers, employees, and society as a whole.

Norms of behavior

  1. HIMACS shall be managed in accordance with the following norms of behavior.
    • (1)HIMACS management shall constantly be aware of their mission of social contribution and endeavor to better their abilities to fulfill it.
    • (2)HIMACS management shall observe all laws and regulations, and do their best in their roles as conscientious citizens and corporate employees.
    • (3)HIMACS management shall disclose information as far as possible and work to improve the environment, conserve resources, and contribute to the community.

Management vision

Position in the market and society

  1. In its allocation of business resources, HIMACS shall accord precedence to leading end-users and system integrators in order to secure its position as a value-creating leader in these domains.

Business operation

  1. Each and every employee shall strive to be an individual recognized as being of high value in the market and society, and enable the company to create greater value through mutual stimulation.


  1. The basic units of value creation shall be the projects in the business departments. The supporting departments (e.g., centers, sales, accounting, and general affairs) shall work to increase this value on the project level.

Company statement

Your best partner.

Corporate slogan

- Value creation - never-ending self-renewal